Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Birthday Unknown
Relatives Miharu Mikuni (owner)
Occupation None
Manga Debut Vol. 4, Ch. 18
Anime Debut Ep. 11
Voiced By N/A


Kenta is a little brown dog with a yellow-brown undercoat and light brown overcoat.


He is curious and according to Miharu a coward. She goes on to say that the reason why he is named Kenta is because he's a chicken.


Miharu Mikuni -

Keita Suminoe -


Kenta is first seen outside the Suminoe home when the mailman stopped to deliver the mail. Unbeknownst to the mailman Kenta took the envelope he delivered (Keita's test results) when it fell out of the mailbox. It's later learned that he had escaped from Miharu when she was walking him and that he was trying to bury the envelope he found. He is later seen again in chapter 72 barking at Keita as he was walking Miharu home. Miharu explains he got his name because he is a big chicken and that while he barks a lot he is actually pretty weak. Later, in chapter 79, as Miharu walking him Miharu, deep in thought, is surprised by Keita's sudden appearance. As the two classmates converse, Kenta pees on Keita's leg forcing him to come to the Mikuni home at Miharu's insistence.


  • Kenta is the reason why Keita knows the Mikuni family.