Qualifications for Being Lovers
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 004
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 01
Chapter: 4
Total Pages: 21
Release Date: September 6, 2007
Anime: Kissxsis Episode 04
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Short Summary

As Keita finishes school he goes to nearby temple to pray for a quick healing of his hand and to pass the tests to go into high school. At the temple Keita meets his sisters Ako and Riko who have decided to pray for him. We learn that when the siblings were younger that Keita had saved all the money he had to pray so he could marry both Ako and Riko, but when his father told him that polygamy was illegal, Keita "grew up" and began started a regular brother-sister relationship. The siblings then go home after they are done.

Long Summary


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Memorial Moments

  • It is discovered when and why Keita represses his romantic feelings for his sisters.