The Good-for-Nothing Guy
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 006
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 01
Chapter: 6
Total Pages: 23
Release Date: September 6, 2007
Anime: Kissxsis OVA 2
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Short Summary

To celebrate Christmas the siblings decides go to a karaoke. As the Ako and Riko finished singing, Ako discovered that the tea they were drinking was actually alcohol. Riko falls asleep and Keita becomes more lively and has a kinky moment with Ako (making out, sucking only each others' tongues and taking off her outfit squeezing and groping her breasts) until they are interrupted to be told that their time in the karaoke room is up. Ako ends up going home without underwear on because she got wet when she was having "fun" with Keita.

Long Summary


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Memorial Moments

  • Ako, Riko, and Keita all get drunk for the first time.
  • Keita loses his inhibitions while he is drunk; he's not a strong drinker.
  • Riko passes out from the alcohol; she can't hold her liquor.


  • This is the last chapter of the first volume.