The Reason to Feel Full of Confidence
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 010
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 02
Chapter: 10
Total Pages: 28
Release Date: January 1, 2007
Anime: Kissxsis Episode 03
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Short Summary

The chapter starts off with Ako giving Keita some chocolate and then tells him that she will bring snacks later. As Keita is waiting he thinks about how he is starting to like his sister's attacks on him and thinks out loud of how he needs a kiss, which Riko overhears. She brought Keita a chocolate lipstick as a gift and is able to seduce Keita and they kiss passionately. Ako soon interrupts them with the snacks she made and it is hear that we learn that Ako made the chocolate lipstick. Keita, back at school is asked by his friends if he got any chocolate from his sisters, and when he says that the chocolate he got from his sister's were good especially melted, his friends start to exclaim that they hope he fails his exam.

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