One, Two, 3P!
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 012
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 02
Chapter: 12
Total Pages: 28
Release Date: January 1, 2007
Anime: Kissxsis OVA 3
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Short Summary

As Keita leaves for school, Riko and Ako contemplate how Keita haven't been allowing them into his room due his study's. As they go in his room to clean Ako finds porn magazines about two sisters in his room. At school Toda tells Keita how he accidentally left a magazine in his room. It then cuts to Ako and Riko who, coming to the conclusion that Keita must like threesomes, decide to practice on a dummy. With the intensity of the situation the twins end up kissing each other. When Keita comes home he explains how the magazine is not his and begins to ponder whether or not Ako is the bigger pervert, much to Ako's embarrassment. Their parents come home to see Riko scolding Ako for her stupidity; Mr. Suminoe suggesting they kiss each other so they get along ends up being punched by both sisters simultaneously.

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  • This is the last chapter of the second volume.