Go, to freedom!
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 012.5
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Volume: Volume 03
Chapter: 12.5
Total Pages: 23
Release Date: December 22, 2008
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As Keita is pondering of how he is going to pass the entrance exam when he gets constantly "attacked" at home by his sisters. As he gets home Ako gives him a kiss which then Riko interrupts, which then turns into a fight of how long they should be able to kiss Keita. At dinner Keita's father is rather unconcerned if Keita fails the exam which frustrates Keita with his care-free attitude. As Keita finish studying for the day he decides to go and eat something and finds some pudding. It is then revealed that it was Ako's pudding and she demands to have it returned to her. Since Keita ate all of it already she demands a long kiss as payment. Riko soon interrupts them and demands to be alone with Keita just as long as Ako have been with him. As Riko is with Keita she starts tease Keita about his erection and before she can go further, is interrupted by Ako ahead of schedule and demands to know what she was about to do. Which then turns into a fight of how perverted they both are with Ako denying she is one.

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  • This is the first chapter of the third volume.