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Kissxsis Manga Chapter 013
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 03
Chapter: 13
Total Pages: 28
Release Date: December 22, 2008
Anime: Kissxsis Episode 10
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Short Summary

Keita becomes sick with the cold with the test two days away. His sisters decides to do all they can to help him feel better, but even with their help his tempreture has barely gone down. When Keita starts to accept that if he doesn't get to the test that it would be alright. Ako tries to cheer him up to no avail, but when Ako kisses him and he warns her how she will get sick too, she decides the quickest way to get rid of his cold is to spread to others. Ako then starts to kiss Keita with Riko quickly interrupting and then they both decide to do it to "cure" Keita, they end up licking Keita head to toe for the entire night. The next day Keita is no longer sick but his sisters has gotten the cold from Keita, as Keita's friends ask if his sisters took care of him when he was sick and he answers affirmitively they start to yell at him much to Keita's confusion.

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Memorial Moments

  • Ako and Riko lick Keita from head to toe in order pass Keita's cold to themselves.