The Day of the Test!
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 014
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 03
Chapter: 14
Total Pages: 23
Release Date: December 22, 2008
Anime: Kissxsis Episode 10
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Short Summary

As Keita is walking back to school with his friends he is told that he is envied by everyone due to his close relationship with his sisters. As Keita starts the test Riko and Ako are back at home still sick with the cold and are remeniecsing about when they took the test. It is revealed that Riko passed her test just by spinning a pencil that had the possible choices and just wrote down which ever one came up. After being teased by Ako for being so anxious Riko reminds her of how anxious she was on the way to school. Ako had forgotten her I.D. card needed for the test and might have possibly missed it if Keita didn't bring it to them after she dropped it at home. After reminiscing they go on and sleep in Keita's bed. As Keita gets home he finds them in his room still sleeping and decides to thank them for their help and kisses them (being shocked himself how he kissed them at all). It is then revealed how they were awake the whole time Keita was with them and Riko starts crying for some reason.

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Memorial Moments

  • Keita kisses both Ako and Riko as they were seemingly sleeping in appreciation for the twins help.