The Angst of a 15 Year Old Boy
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 015
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 03
Chapter: 15
Total Pages: 32
Release Date: December 22, 2008
Anime: Kissxsis OVA 4
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Short Summary

The chapter starts off with Keita kicking Riko and Ako out of his room and the sisters contemplating how uptight he seems to be. They discover that Keita not knowing if he passed his test or not is causing him a lot of angst and decide to help him. They decide to go to the hot-springs after they get free tickets from their parents. They play multiple games and has up close moments with his sisters as he plays. After they were able to make Keita smile they decide to go somewhere lively. When they decide let their taxi driver take them to where he advises they end up to what appears to be a museum of sex. After exploring the exhibits and Ako having an embarrassing moment when Keita finds her with a penis shaped candy they decide to go home and the taxi driver is the same one who drove them there, while Keita and Ako expresses their anger Riko rather liked the museum.

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