The Lust of 16 Year Old Girls
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 016
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 03
Chapter: 16
Total Pages: 29
Release Date: December 22, 2008
Anime: Kissxsis OVA 4
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Short Summary

As siblings finish their visit to the museum they then go to a hot spring to celebrate Keita (hopefully) passing the exam. As Riko and Ako bicker about Riko's rather suggestively shaped candy food arrives and all three eats happily, as they finish Riko suspects that Ako is planning something as she had been rather unusually nice since the hot spring was her idea. They then decide to go into a hot spring and enjoy, as the others are getting ready it is revealed that Ako plans to give beer to Riko and Keita for her plans since alcohol makes Riko sleepy and makes Keita lose inhibitions. As they eventually start to feel the effects of the beer Keita licks Riko as Ako sulks at how it should have been done to her. She eventually is able to convince Keita to come to her but after spending a few minutes with him he falls unconscious before they could go any further much to the confusion of Ako.

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Memorial Moments

  • Keita gets drunk much to Ako's delight however, he falls unconscious before he could do anything with her.