Within the Gym Storage Room
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 020
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 04
Chapter: 20
Total Pages: 24
Release Date: May 22, 2009
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Short Summary

After Keita is in the Gym Storage room with Mikuni and the other girls barged into, the entrance got crowded by the other students around until the teacher came to check the situation.

Since the teacher closed the entrance and is within the storage room with Keita and the others, they sensed troubles and doubt about the teacher's qualification. The teacher started to make his move by squealing Keita about the incident to the new high school in order to let him dropped out because of this.

The twin sisters went ahead of Keita and dealt with the teacher and wanted Keita to stand back. But at this point of the situation, the teacher groped the twin sisters and also Keita got really mad about him. Mikuni tried to calm Keita down by making him wait a little bit more. As the teacher reached the spot when he attempted to kiss Ako, Riko failed to stop him and got thrown aside.

Keita knocked the teacher down by punching him on his face. Meanwhile Mikuni stopped recording the voices with her cellphone and so the students won the fight against the teacher because they hold a proof which can lead the teacher going to the jail because of sexual assault. It is unknown what happened to the teacher after he begged for forgiveness.

At suminoe's house, the twin sisters stayed in Keita's room with a gloomy expression and they were worried about the incident in the school. Keita said that he will do the same thing as "purification" which his sisters took his saying seriously and so they have some fun again and again, touching around the spots where the teacher touched them.

Long Summary


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Unanswered Questions

  • What happened to the perverted P.E teacher after the incident?

Memorial Moments

  • Ako and Riko get molested by the P.E teacher.
  • Keita punches the P.E. teacher in defense of his sisters.