A Surprise Present!
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 021
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Volume: Volume 04
Chapter: 21
Total Pages: 29
Release Date: May 22, 2009
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Short Summary

Scene takes on Keita's bed. Both twin sisters lying on Keita's body while Riko is playing with Keita's dick. Ako and Riko discuss about getting a present for Keita after he passed the exam. So they all go outside altogether to the market without holding hands, because Keita refused that. While being in the market, the twin sisters try some stuff on and they meet Mikazuki. She wants to go along with the twin sisters and Keita but they already run away from her after she made a call with her mother. After they take distance from Mikazuki, they arrived in the clothing shop where Keita orders his school uniform. The woman who is working there measures Keita's body for the upcoming order. By having a very close body contact between the woman an Keita, the twin sisters get jealous. Keita noticed the presence of Mikuni and he is going to apologize her for the incident (chapter 20). The sister remembered the xxx-stuff between Keita and Mikuni and have a fight with Keita. While Mikuni is in the changing room and notices the noise outside, the twin sisters barged into and thanked her for helping them out of the incident vs. the perverted teacher. But Ako blamed her for doing that xxx-stuff in the PE Room and so Keita barged into the changing room  and got forced outside then after getting hit from a box on his head Unsonsciously tripped on a step and wow, nice situation: Right hand on Riko s boob, left hand between Ako's legs and head on Mikuni's boobs.

The woman scolds the students because of this behavior in the changing room. All of them goes outside and Mikazuki find them and moans because she misses the "Fun" with them. In the end the twin sisters ends up with a present for Keita and so Keita asks them to hold hands together. The end of the chapter ends with the scene, when Ako and Riko asked for the reason why they are not allowed to hold hands, kiss, and hung together when they are in school. Keita tries to explain because of the embarrassment and the reason to study - he gets laughed and the sisters received a bump on their head.

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