Carefree Entrance Ceremony
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 022
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 04
Chapter: 22
Total Pages: 28
Release Date: May 22, 2009
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Short Summary

Keita is getting ready to go to his entrance ceremony when he brings up the fact that his parents are at work instead of going to his ceremony. As Ako tries to kiss him to comfort him, she is interrupted by Riko who tells her she should be more controlled since she is older, and during the argument Riko takes one of Keita's button without anyone noticing. At the entrance exam many of the guys comment that they applied for the school due to Riko and Ako going the school as well, Keita then overhears how the others are jealous that he gets all the affection from his sisters. In his homeroom Keita learns that his new teacher is Yūzuki Kiryū, the women from the western clothing store who took his measurements and seeing Keita in an erotic yet accidental pose. He also learns that Miharu is in his class as well. As Keita is leaving his class, Riko shows up and scolding him for missing a button (which she took) and takes him to another room. Just as they leave Ako shows up looking for Keita and hurries after after learning Riko made her move first. Riko locks herself and Keita in a room and has a private moment together.The condition imposed by riko was if keita gives her a good kiss she will unlock the door for him.As they leave they kiss once again in the hallway where they are discovered by Yūzuki who scolds them just as Ako finds them.

Long Summary


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New Characters

Yūzuki Kiryū - A new teacher to the high school, she doesn't think too highly of Keita due to several misunderstandings between them. Though her position as teacher would suggest otherwise, she's actually quite the scatterbrain.

Unanswered Questions

Memorial Moments

  • Keita and Miharu recognize Yūzuki as the department store clerk.
  • Riko abuses her position in the Disciplinarian Committee to lock Keita in a classroom and make-out with him.
  • Yūzuki catches Keita and Riko kissing in the hallway.


  • Yūzuki Kiryū appeared in Chapter 21 as a the department store clerk.