A Cruel Younger Brother
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 023
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 04
Chapter: 23
Total Pages: 29
Release Date: May 22, 2009
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Short Summary

Keita and his sisters are getting ready to go to school while their parents are suffering from a hangover. As his dad asks him about his entrance exam Keita nervously refutes that anything happened afterwards, while Ako is able to guess form his reaction that something indeed happen with Riko. At school Yūzuki talks to Miharu thinking she is dating Keita, and tells her she should break up with him since she believes he is having a 3 way relationship. Later, Yūzuki has a small comedic breakdown when she learns that Riko and Ako the girls she thinks are in a 2 way relationship with Keita are his sisters. After school Ako takes Keita to the roof, with Riko just missing their departure. They eventually kiss after a brief confrontation on Keita's love for her. As they are going home the run in to Riko, after which Keita is scared that Riko would be mad that he was kissing Ako, to which Riko doesn't seem to care at all. They scold Keita for breaking his own ban on kissing at school demands that as penalty he should hold hands with them as they walk home. Yūzuki seeing the exchange from a window declares she must do something to stop what she believes to be a incestuous relationship.

Long Summary


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Memorial Moments

  • Mr. and Mrs. Suminoe have hangovers.
  • Yūzuki learns that Keita is related to both Riko and Ako, but not that they are step siblings.
  • Ako abuses her Student Council position to get some alone time with Keita.
  • Ako slaps Keita for thinking that she just wants to win the competition for his heart and affirms that she does indeed love him.


  • This is the last chapter of the fourth volume.
  • This chapter marks the starting point of Yūzuki's crusade against the siblings' love.