After a Midnight Bath
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 026
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 05
Chapter: 26
Total Pages: 27
Release Date: November 11, 2009
Anime: Kissxsis Episode 07
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Short Summary

The chapter begins soon after the last chapter ended with Kiryu asking Keita if she could keep his gym clothes since her clothes had yet to dry, to which Keita complied. At Keita's home, Ako and Riko are thinking about how great it would be to live alone like Kiryu. Meanwhile at Kiryu's home, it is revealed that Kiryu lives a rather frugal life, revealing that she eats mainly instant noodles. As Kiryu is about to wash Keita's gym clothes she takes a whiff of his clothes and finds herself aroused. In her room, it is revealed that Kiryu is an otaku and seemingly has an samurai fetish. Back with Keita, Ako and Riko are wondering clothes that Kiryu brought that she couldn't wear. While Ako and Riko are guessing, it is revealed that Kiryu accidently brought her maid cosplay outfit by mistake. As Kiryu finishes her shower, she attempts to wash Keita's clothes only to fall into the temptation to wear them. After being heaviliy aroused by the smell of Keita's clothes she begins to masturbate and falls asleep while still wearing Keita's clothes and has a erotic dream of Keita. As Kiryu wakes up the next morninig still in Keita's jersey, she rationalizes that Keita only asked for them back so washing them isn't neccessary until she sees that while masturbating she had left a visible stain. At school she returns the jersey entirely wet since she did not have the time to dry them. While apologizing Kiryu accidently calls Keita "Keita-kun", which she quickly rectifies as "Suminoe-kun" with Keita just passing off the the first name as his imagination. Kiryu then vows to be a teacher to Keita and nothing more, she then immediately smells her skin while lovingly thinking about she can still smell the scent of Keita's jersey on her.

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