An Unfamiliar Look
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 027
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Volume: Volume 05
Chapter: 27
Total Pages: 28
Release Date: November 11, 2009
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Ako and Riko are both contemplating on how Keita prefers older women and how Keita's homeroom teacher is now a rival for his affections. At the same time within Keita's homeroom, Keita is hanging out with his friends who are complaining on how their parents are getting them tutored, while Keita's remarks on his parents laid back attitude and resisting his sisters' attempts at seduction leaves his friends quite frustrated, which he is completely oblivious to. Later at home, Ako and Riko are taking a bath, having bought some expensive shampoo to try enhancing their beauty. They eventually hit the point where the they realize that they cannot compete with Kiryuu and Mikuni in terms of breast size. In an attempt to increase their breast size Ako and Riko both give each other a breast massage. Once getting out of the bath, the sisters attempt to seduce Keita by wearing some lingerie they bought earlier. As they enter his room they learn that, Keita's friend was staying over and promptly runs out after realizing who it is. Once they meet Keita outside his room, Riko proposes that they somehow erase the memories of Keita's friend, who is currently going slightly crazy from within the room. As the sister's clean up the mess they created, they happily contemplate on how even though Keita is attracted to his homeroom teacher, he doesn't seem to understand on what his earlier comments to them seemed to imply.

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