An Increasingly Complex Golden Week
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 028
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 05
Chapter: 28
Total Pages: 24
Release Date: November 11, 2009
Anime: Kissxsis Episode 06
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Short Summary

With Keita going away to training camp for golden week, Ako and Riko decides to get a computer.

Long Summary

Ako and Riko are both trying to figure out where to go with Keita for golden week only to be dismayed when Keita tells them that he is going to training camp for his athletic's club, thus will not be able to go with them. As both Ako and Riko are sulking due to Keita's absence, their mother attempts to cheer them up by telling they could go shopping later. Later, as Ako is washing the dishes Riko comes in wanting to know where Ako's gourmet guidebooks are so they could take their mother to an expensive restraunt. After Ako tells her where they are, she realizes in horror of the mistake she committed. She tries to stop Riko but was too late to stop her from seeing that her "gourmet books" were really porn magazines with fake covers. After being laughed at by Riko for her predicament, Ako unveils with great embarassment, that after seeing Keita's porn magazines she couldn't stop thinking about it, and eventually bought some in another town. Riko then contemplates that if they had a computer, they would be able to look up porn that were uncensored, which leads to Ako saying that they should buy a computer while specifically denieing it had anything to do with porn as to the reason why. Ako and Riko were able to convince their parents to buy a computer, with Ako barely stopping Riko from revealing the true reason as to why. Later, as their parents are sleeping Ako and Riko attempts to looks up porn on their new computer, not realizing that the man who set up the computer put on a filter to block mature content. As the sisters discover the filter, they continue on undeterred in their attempts to find uncensored porn. A attempt that lasted until morning of the next day which also ended in failure. Refusing to admit defeat, Riko decides that if they can not see porn online, they shall instead buy a porn game from Akihabara, the city of computer pornography.


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