A Cold Home Visit
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 036
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 07
Chapter: 36
Total Pages: 28
Release Date: November 22, 2010
Anime: Kissxsis OVA 8
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Short Summary

Yūzuki does a home visit to the Suminoe household only to find Keita all by himself; however, Yūzuki decides to go ahead with the visit. While exploring Keita's room he accidentally spills a drink on her, resulting in her showering at the Suminoe residence. Keita is interrupted while getting Yūzuki a change of clothes and forgets to bring them to her. After a moment of embarrassment Yūzuki ends up falling on top of Keita bare-chested. Before anything can happen between them Keita's parents walk in on the scene, leading to an embarrassing explanation to his parents.

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Memorial Moments

  1. Yuzuki falls on Keita after a sneeze and inturrepted by Keita's parents
  2. Both think alike