Title - Munasawagi no Akiba (胸騒ぎのアキバ) - Uneasiness at Akibara

Date - May 10, 2010

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Unable to view and get porn from the internet using a PC their father won at a raffle, Ako and Riko decides to buy erotic games in Akihabara. But in the process Keita has to accompany them, so they devise a way to hide their real purpose for going to Akihabara. Ako distracts Keita by taking him to a cosplay shop while Riko investigates the adult section of a game shop. While changing, they run into Ako's teacher, Yūzuki Kiryū, who is a closet otaku (dressed as Mahoro from Mahoromatic Maiden). Riko later encounters her while trying to get a special edition game. After meeting Keita and being reminded about Ako and Riko's crush on him, Yūzuki drags him off to talk to him, inadvertently taking him to a cosplay-themed love hotel. After later being found by Ako and Riko, the group are encountered by Keita's kohai and Yūzuki's younger sister Mikazuki, who covers for Yūzuki by stating she was buying the game for her. In return for bailing her out, she gets Yūzuki to cosplay as Mai Shiranui for her that night.

Adapted From

Chapter 28 and Chapter 29



Cultural References

"easter eggs"

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