Title - Na, Nan to~?! Bisho Nure Manatsu no Mōsōkyoku (な、なんと~っ!?びしょ濡れ真夏の妄想曲) - Wh-What!? A Dripping Wet Midsummer Delusion

Date - May 17, 2010

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One of Keita's friends, Toda, coaxes him into going to the pool with him and Mikazuki and inviting Ako and Riko. Suspicious of what they might be up to, Yūzuki decides to tail them, despite having a financial dilemma (since admission to the pool is costly). While trying to hide from them in the bathroom, she is found by Ako and Riko who, mistaking her for a peeping tom, splash her with water. With her clothes soaked, Yūzuki borrows Keita's gym outfit. Later that night, Yūzuki becomes entranced by the smell of Keita's outfit and masturbates while wearing it and having sexual fantasies about Keita. She wakes up the next day to find that she had soaked his pants in the process. Oddly, Keita is having a nightmare about his teacher doing "stuff" with him.

Adapted From

Chapter 25



Cultural References

"easter eggs"

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