Title - Ii Hi, Damedashi! (いい日、ダメ出し!) - Nitpicking a Good Day!

Date - June 14, 2010

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Keita eagerly awaits the results of his exams, with Ako and Riko trying to give him good luck, though encounter several unlucky omens along the way. When they get to the notice boards, Keita's number wasn't listed and the trio become depressed. After noticing the celebratory preparations Ako and Riko prepared, Keita cheers up and decides it's best not to waste it. Later that evening, Keita is visited by Miharu, whose dog had previously nabbed Keita's posted results from his mailbox. After reading them, Keita learns that he had in fact passed the exams, hugging Miharu in his excitement. After Miharu gets scared off by Ako and Riko, Keita tells them the good news.

Adapted From

Chapter 18



The main difference between manga and anime is both ako and riko arrange parry for succession for keita but his letter arrives late so they enjoy themselves and sleep whereas in manga both ako and riko began to weep and apologize to keita for disrupting his studies. When his letter arrives Miharu introduces herself and gives keita his acceptance letter while in anime he already knows her to be his class mate.

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

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