Mmm! Physical Examination
Episode Information
Air date November 30, 2011
Written by Katsumi Hasegawa
Directed by Munenori Nawa
Kanji むむむっ!な健康診断
Romanji Mumumu! na Kenkōshidan
Animated by Feel
Adapted from Chapter 30, 33
Opening Theme Our Honey Boy
Ending Theme Starry Sky Story
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The students at school need to take their physical test, which puts a lot of pressure on the Suminoe twins. They try their best to hide their weight and show their 'growth', while more developed Miharu Mikuni actually is embarassed of her oversized breasts. To make matters worse, she finds herself with Keita Suminoe making her day even harder.

Keita, being the protective brother, tries to stop the other boys from peeking at the girls during their physical evaluation.



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