Mikazuki Kiryū
Mikazuki Kiryu - 01
Age 14
Gender Female
Eye Color Maroon
Birthday Unknown
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Yūzuki Kiryū (sister)
Occupation Student
Manga Debut Vol. 4, Ch. 19
Anime Debut Ep 1, OVA 6
Voiced By Asuka Ōgame

Mikazuki Kiryū (桐生 三日月, Kiryū Mikazuki) is a 14 year old, second-year middle school student. 


Mikazuki is a short and slender girl. She has blond hair tied in twintails and maroon colored eyes. She has a nice smile on her face.


Mikazuki is peppy and outgoing. She is more cheerful compared to the rest of the characters. She is a student one grade lower than Keita and was in the same sports club with him back at his old school.

Mikazuki also admitted that she is chasing after Keita, as clearly stated by herself in one of the OVAs (and of course, in certain episodes in the anime). Compared to Keita's sisters, Ako and Riko, she is even more perverted than the sisters when it comes to getting Keita’s attention, with no qualms of flashing her underwear at him in front of others, mostly embarrassing Keita.

Mikazuki is also somewhere air-headed and also loves to jump into conclusions, believing that and Keita are no longer virgins after she found them hugging.

Mikazuki can be logical sometimes, as seen in episode 12 when Ako and Riko decided to lock Miharu and Keita in the gym. Mikazuki gave a friendly but logical opinion, claiming the sisters were far too much for their own convenience, thus making the sisters speechless.


Yūzuki -

Keita - Though more interested in seeing how his relationships with the other girls will play out, she is nonetheless interested in being with Keita. She joined the track and field sports club because Keita was in it and has tried on seducing Keita with her bare body on two separate occasions.

Riko -

Ako -

Miharu -



  • Yūzuki is her older sister, usually privately known to Mikazuki as “my otaku sister.” Mikazuki looks up to and loves her sister very dearly, even stating once the eroge she bought was hers to cover for her sister. However, she also enjoys taking lewd pictures of her sister in cosplay as compensation for covering for her. She was able to correctly assume that her sister has feelings for Keita.
  • In the entire cast, she is the youngest. Despite of her age, she is far more mature than the other cast, especially her elder sister, Yuzuki.

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